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Psalmsonline.org was started in 2007 in loving memory of my mom, Sally Fuchs, to help spread goodness and kindness like she did every day.  

In fact, every time you recite a psalm,
you are spreading renewed holiness in the world. 

Scroll down and click "Music Gallery" to watch music videos based on psalms - "Psalms for Special Occasions" to read psalms for healing, peace, love and more - "Thoughts on Psalms" to read uplifting interpretations of psalms or "About/Contact/ Links" to link to other excellent websites.  Sing a psalm (Tehillim) and help the world one psalm at a time.

           ​ Psalm 6
​"Be Kind to me Oh Lord for I am weak. God has heard the sound of my weeping. God has heard my plea. "

"Psalm 51
"Mercy, have mercy Lord our God, mercy...
On Israel, Your people, mercy... 
On Jerusalem, Your city, mercy...  
Have mercy our God, mercy...
and on Zion, the resting place of Your glory, mercy"

"Listen to our voice, Lord our God. Spare us and have compassion on us, and in compassion and favor accept our prayer, for You, God, listen to prayers and pleas. Do not turn us away, O our King, empty-handed from Your presence, for You listen with compassion to the prayer of Your people Israel. Blessed are You, Lord, who listens to prayer"

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