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​​ The purpose of this website is to share the timeless, miraculous  positive experience of reciting Psalms -Tehillim. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

​Why are Psalms special?
What have people said about Psalms?
Why Psalms? 
What does the word "Hashem" mean?

What does the word "Tehillim" mean?
​Who is hosting this website?
Who wrote the Psalms? (Was it Barry Manilow?)

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​Why Psalms-Tehillim are special ?

It is said that Psalms are like a special telephone that connects you with the Creator of the World. 

You will make connections with the those who have recited Tehillim throughout history and connections with the Creator of the World. 

Each of us can help the world one Psalm at a time !

What have people said about Psalms?

"Know that the chapters of Tehillim (Psalms) break through all barriers and soar aloft from level to level unimpeded. ​

They intercede before the Master of the Universe and secure their effect with kindness and mercy."

"The Psalm leads in the end to a solemn exaltation of God, that is a kind of profession of faith: the Lord is good and his fidelity never abandons us because He is always ready to sustain us with his merciful love. With this confidence the person praying abandons himself to the embrace of his God."


Why Psalms?

Psalms can help each of us make the world a better place.  By reciting Psalms, we add to the holiness of the world in miraculous ways. We get connected to Godliness and to each other.  

Sages have much to say about Psalms  ("Tehillim"  in Hebrew). Ancient as well as modern thinkers have weighed in on their importance -  but the true testimonial is the experience of countless people from all walks of life, in all geographic locations, for thousands of years.

What does the word "Hashem" mean?

"Hashem"  refers to God's ineffable and infinite name. It is derived from the word "is/was/will be."  It is the "tetragram" which often mistranslated in modern texts.  It is the name which God revealed to Moses at Mount Sinai.  "Hashem" means "the name"  in Hebrew.

What does the word "Tehillim" mean?

"Tehillim" is the Hebrew word for "Psalms."   It means "Praises."

Who is hosting this website?

My name is Tara.  I started this website ten years ago in honor of my loving mother (Saporah daughter of Yosef and Yitkah of blessed memory).  I am an ordinary Jewish person who wishes to share the beauty and holiness of Psalms - Tehillim.

I also wrote a book about Psalms entitled "Software for the Soul - Psalms for Everyone,

Who wrote the Psalms?
(Was it Barry Manilow?)

King David wrote many of the Psalms.  He was born Three thousand fifty-two years ago in ancient Israel. 

In his early life he worked as a shepherd with a special gift of music.  Through his life he experienced all the trials, hardships and joys that each of us experience in our life. 

Each evening he placed a harp above his bed which woke him gently with sounds of music as the wind blew through the strings.  Through inspiration, he wrote the Hebrew words of psalms which have been sung, danced, whispered and declared for thousands of years in all languages - touching the soul in miraculous ways.  

Other sages who contributed to the book of psalms include: Moses (Psalm 90), Asaph, Ethan the Ezrahite, Solomon, Korach, and Adam.

Help the world one Psalm at a time !



"Software for the Soul - Psalms for Everyone -
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