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Soldiers Around the World Fight for Freedom

Please continue to recite  Tehillim (Psalms) for the soldiers of the United States Armed Services, the Israel Defense Forces and their families and especially for our wounded warriors and for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  

These brave men and women who have selflessly volunteered to take our place on the battleground need our prayers, letters of support, and supplies.  The battle to protect our freedom from those who seek only to destroy it is all the more difficult when one is far from family and friends. Contact the United Service Organizations or   the aleph institute  or the friends of the israel defense forces for more information.
Please say Tehillim/Psalms for Sholom Mordechai haLevi ben Rivka.   link for info.
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Tehillim List

​Raizel bat Menucha Leah
Raiszel bas Sima Leah
Mindel bas Yenta
Sholom Mordecai Ha Levi ben Rivka
Yehonatan Ben-Malka
Devorah Leah bas Esther Malka
Haim Eliezer ben Dvori
Yaakov Yosef ben Raizel
Yoel Zev ben Mirel Rissa Chava
Yosef ben Ita Rivka
Bracha Mazal bas Malka Chana
Esther bas Sara
Yonatan ben Molly
Eitan ben Sara
Shmuel Yerucham ben Bila
Haim Yechiel ben Malka
Avraham Shmuel ben Shaina

This site is 
dedicated to
Sally Fuchs

bas Yosef & Yitka 

- A Woman of Valor

How does one describe Sally Fuchs to one who has never met her?  Yet to anyone who has, it is immediately understood.  Her being was so full of love and joy especially at everyday occurrences that are easy to ignore.  To her it was the everyday things that  were sources of appreciation and joy.  

Her unbrideled unconditional love made those near her feel surrounded by a warm and wonderful light and with her absence are now questioning how the world could be without her loving presence? Surely a huge quantity of lovingkindness, if it has measure, is lost, and the world is now lacking in this most needed resource.  It is then up to us to keep the supply of lovingkindness going.

It is appropriate that "Chaya Sarah" (Life of Sarah) is the Torah Portion during the week she passed, for as Sarah Imeinu, she opened her tent on all four sides so that people would know they were all welcome no matter their perspective or their station in life - they knew that there was a nonjudgemental person full of love and kindness waiting to help them on their way. 

Like Sarah Imeinu, she retained the beauty and purity of youth well into her years. She shone as Sarah's shabbas candles, illuminating with warmth and light. 

As Sarah had a sense of humor, (her child Isaac's name means laughter in Hebrew), mom had understanding, humility a beautiful smile and a wonderful sense of humor - not taking herself too seriously and seeing the positive and funny side of a challenging situation.  

And like Sarah who baked loaves of challah for travelers who stopped by her tent, Her generosity knew no bounds.  She totally devoted herself to the care of others. Her greatest joy was in giving. 

Those of us who were blessed to have been in her tent under her loving care will remember and, hopefully, with Hashem's help, continue bringing that attibute of lovingkindness, joy of life and generous nurturing care to those whom we meet along the way.

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"If we knew the power of the verses of Psalms and their effect in the spiritual realms, we would recite them constantly - 

Tzemach Tzedek
3rd LubavitcherRebbe

Tehillim Psalms for special times

When traveling on a journey: 91
For Healing: 6, 30, 41, 88, 103
For Peace: 46
To express thankfulness: 9, 21, 57, 95, 116, 138
An intimate plea for Hashem's guidance: 16,19,139
For Teshuva (returning to Hashem) 51, 90
To find one's spouse: 32, 38, 70, 71, 121, 124
On day of marriage: 19
to have children: 102, 103
For giving birth: 20
For success: 33, 16, 17, 72, 91, 104, 130
For a favorable verdict: 7, 35, 93
At a cemetary: 33,16, 17, 72, 91, 104,130 

according to Artscroll Tehillim
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Please recite prayers for the Sasson family.

Children: Eliane, 16; Rivka, 11; and Sarah, 6; David, 12; Yehoshua, 10; Moshe, 8; and Yaakov, 5 

and for: Gabriel, Gayle and Tsiporah

Names of those Injured in recent terrorist attacks in Israel: 

David ben Iris
Roee ben Rachel
Sharona bat Sinora Negev
Nurit bat Sarah Malka
Liam Miriam bat Ilanit
Tzion ben Mentina Tony
Yehonatan ben Ruth Emanuel
Adi ben Rut
Moshe ben Edgach
David ben Shoshana
Daniel Chaim ben Revital
Adiv ben Fortuna Mazal
Moshe ben Bracha
Yair ben Rozina
Orel bat Limor
Lital bat Yael
Moshe ben Dassie
Niv Ben Yardena
Alon Chaim ben Rita HaCohen
Yehonatan Amiram ben Miriam
Yarden ben Orli
Tahel bat Sigal
Gal ben Naomi
Yaniv ben Chana
David Shlomo ben Rachel
Nirit Chana bat Nitza
Leah Michal bat Bracha
Yuval ben Miri
Yarin ben Rachel
Ohad ben Erika
Alon ben Rita
Ron ben Chana
Adiv ben Mazal
Dudu ben Shoshana
Dikla bat Ninette
Maor Ephraim ben Fortuna Daniella
Ron Shai ben Sigalit
Avraham ben Rut
Sahar ben Shoshana
Dvir ben Shoshana
Aharon Moshe Chaim ben Chaya Chana
Meir Yitzchak ben Sarah
Nir ben Shoshi
Inbar Chaya bat Chagit
Yair ben Shoshana
Shmuel Yerucham ben Baila
Eitan ben Sara
David ben Bella
Yotam Shmuel ben Yael
Or Meir ben Ilana
Itai ben Nurit
Shaul Chai ben Aviva
Rachel bat Miriam
Ginadi Chaim ben Raayah Rachel
Awaka ben Waba
Menachem ben Nira
Gavriel ben Olga
Yagel Chaim ben Hofit
Shai ben Penina
Ganedi Chaim ben Raayah-Rachel

Operation Protective Edge:
*most critical*
Shai ben Lili
Ofir Shmuel ben Nicole
Chagai ben Chana
Yehuda Tzvi ben Iris
Ilan ben Chana

Please pray for the following children:

Netanel ben Esther,

Chai Yehuda ben Rachel

Miriam bat Yizraela Chagit,
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